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Theater Promotion

~Tracey Diamond | March 7, 2022 | LinkedIn

Ok UK friends - this summer there is a new one woman show coming your way that you won't want to miss!

No, I didn't change my business to theater promotion, but I did recently complete another fun project with Zara - this time making some fun promo posters and social media pieces for her new play, Somebody's Daughter, based off of her memoir.

Have an event coming up or need to perk up your social media feed?

👩‍💻 Reach out and let's chat!

* Join Zara Phillips and Richard Thompson at the The Camden Fringe this August



Pleased to announce my new one woman show will debut in the UK. A USA show to be announced. Some Tickets are on sale now via the rest of the tickets will go on sale May 3rd via

Photo by David Kaptein

Makeup by Lena Kaptein

Graphic Design Tracey Diamond

* Please visit my Facebook Page, Instagram, and Twitter for more projects posted and to see those coming down the line.



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