A Little About Working Together...

Hi, I'm Tracey!  I am both a brand identity designer and fine artist. 


In the commercial arts world, I work with businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals to promote their business, strengthen their brand and attract new clients all through the very important concept of cohesive design.  My focus is to successfully communicate a client's messaging by creating customized visuals that are consistent in a style that is both very intentional and symbolic in nature from concept to design to print & web.  Your brand's imagery shapes your brand's identity.


A fine artist at heart, I am continuously looking at the world in colors, shapes and textures, exploring the ways I look at the world.  As an illustrator, painter, fiber artist, photographer and sculptor, each area has found its way into my projects as a graphic designer.  Color choice, placement and typography have a symbolic nature that will always shine through...even if you don't realize it!

Let's Tell Your Story...

Celtic Tree - New World Festival


Creating cohesive design to promote your business, strengthen your brand and attract new clients.

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