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A Little about Working Together...
with a brand designer, professional artist and pattern designer.

the aesthetic of your messaging

In the commercial arts world, I work with businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals to promote their business, strengthen their brand and attract new clients. Each project is approached with two important aspects - maintaining cohesive design and working with what inspired the business to be.  Your brand's imagery shapes your brand's identity so it's important that your visuals are consistant in a style that is both intentional and symbolic in nature from concept to design to print & web. 

Montclair Police Bakery 012.jpg

the inspiration that surrounds you

An artist at heart, I am continuously looking at the world in colors, shapes and textures.  There is so much to explore when you love nature as much as I do -  a neverending curiosity to play in every day.  As an illustrator, painter, fiber artist, photographer, writer and sculptor, it all finds a way into my projects in art and graphic design.  Color choice, placement and typography have a symbolic nature that will always shine through...even if you don't realize it!

Vermont Fall2_72dpi.jpg

the whimsical illustrations you are looking for

Tracey Diamond Designs Hearts Swirls in purples

After 30+ years of building a career as a graphic designer, and a lifetime of doodling on anything I could get my hands on,  I have brought the two together and developed a new area of my business - pattern designer


Join me on my journey as  I create whimsical illustrations inspired by the magical moments nature shares.  Please contact me to discuss collaborations and licensing. Together we can create that special artwork you are looking for, whether for your business, fashion line, branding needs, events, etc.

the gifts you love to give (and get)

Art is "creating a visual representation of all the stuff going on inside of you." (Randall Pearson)

A fine artist at heart, I see the world in colors, shapes and textures. My hope as an artist is to inspire others to look at the world around us with a new set of eyes and see our everyday surroundings in ways that we never imagined before... and get lost in the magic for a little while. I hope you enjoy!
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