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Designing Your Brand Identity

Your business's visuals should always embrace the concept of cohesive design.  When there is consistency in the proper selection of colors, fonts and imagery, your brand or event has the ability to look polished, professional and recognizable in a crowd.   


From concept to design to print & web...

print  material examples:

business cards, brochures, labels, packaging, letterhead, banners, signs, displays, postcards, booklets, menus, apparel, promotional items, party needs (invitations, signage, favors)

digital material examples

logo, website, pitch decks social media elements, newsletters

Hot Sauce
Jersey Barnfire Hot Sauce & Brochure
Jersey Barnfire Brochure
Black Garlic Bacon Jersey Barnfire
Sweet & Spicy Thai  Jersey Barnfire
Salt Pepper Ketchup  Jersey Barnfire
Garden Green Jersey Barnfire
Indian Summer Jersey Barnfire

Jersey Barnfire

From website management to hot sauce label design, brochures, banners, recipe cards and table tents - when you have a hot company you need the heat burning in the across the board.

Jersey Barnfire Website
Jersey Barnfire Indian Summer
Jersey Barnfire Table Tents SPK
Coffee Shop

Java Love Coffee Roasting Co.

When inspiration comes from the old fashioned advertsing signs, the rest of the brand kept flowing from logo design to apparel, signage, stamps, packaging design, stickers, notecards, gift cards, awning & window graphics, business cards, menus and more.

Java Love Coffee Roasting Co Ad 2013
Java Love Apparel Hats
Java Love Coffee Roasting Co Coffee Sleeves
Java Love Coffee Roasting Co Apparel Tie Dye T Shirt
Java Love Coffee Roasting Co Menu Sign
Java Love Coffee Roasting Co Storefront
Java Love Coffee Roasting Co Logo
Java Love Coffee Roasting Co Montclair Film Festival
Java Love Coffee Roasting Co Brew Labels
Running Club/Event
Montclair Bread Company, Fueled by Doughnuts, Singlets Racing Tank Tops
Montclair Bread Company, Fueled by Doughnuts, 2017 Half Marathon Will Run for Doughnuts Baker's Dozen 13.1
Montclair Bread Company, Fueled by Doughnuts, Race Signs Cheering Section, Run like there's doughnuts at the finish line

Fueled by Doughnuts

As a small running club grows into a brand in itself, quickly came the development of a logo, club apparel (hats, tanks, sweatshirts, bandanas), racing bibs, custom race metals, illustrated event characters, street banners, cheering section signs, buttons, mugs, stickers, car magnets, and more.

Montclair Bread Company, Fueled by Doughnuts, 5K Race Medals
Montclair Bread Company, Fueled by Doughnuts, Pole Banners, Doughnut Run 2015
Montclair Bread Company, Fueled by Doughnuts, Winter Beanie Hats
Montclair Bread Company, Fueled by Doughnuts, Tank Tops Apparel
Montclair Bread Company, Fueled by Doughnuts, 5k Doughnut Run 2015 Buttons
Bread Company

Montclair Bread Company

Sometimes as a business grows there is a desire to re-brand.  With that comes the space for an updated logo, apparel line, product labels, menu design, notecards, specialty cups, signage and more...maybe even a car (or Tuk Tuk) wrap! 

Montclair Bread Company Shop
Montclair Bread Co 2017 Prom Silicone Cups
Montclair Bread Co Swag Bag
Montclair Bread Co Food Network Doughnut Champion
Montclair Bread Co Apparel T Shirt
Montclair Bread Company Tuk Tuk Truck Tracey Diamond Designs
Montclair Bread Co Clear Stickers Labels
Montclair Bread Co Menu
Mug photo.jpg
Little Daisy Hanging Signs

Little Daisy Bake Shop

Little touches that make a big splash - cute phrase on onesies and t-shirts, personalized ribbon, mugs with a spoon, mini easel item signs, embroidered vintage aprons, playful signage, notecards and more.

The Little Daisy Bake Shop signage
Professional Office

Evident Title Agency

Every office has supply needs, but it's the ones that put in the extra effort that make people take notice.  Going beyond the cheap quick-fix options for your pens, folders, post-its, info packets, business cards, event displays,advertistements, etc., shows you take your business level of professionalism seriously.

Evident Title Agency Pens
Evident Title Agency Post-Its
Evident Title Agency Presentation Folder
Evident Title Agency Ad
Evident Title Agency Document Portfolio
Additional Examples

Some Additional Examples

Projects can involve anything from Logos, Business Cards, Brochures, Flyers, Letterhead, Menus, Window Graphics, Signs, Promotional Items, Websites, Social Media, Event Displays, Stickers, Packaging, Labels, Apparel, Invitations, Branding Gift Items, and more.



A logo is your visual handshake.  It's the introduction of your business that continues when you are no longer in the room.  It tells a hint of your story and peeks interest for people to want to learn more.  

Brand Illustration

Brand Illustration

Whether by hand or use of the computer, illustration work in your brand design creates a much more personal glance into who you are and the message you want to convey.

Entertainment Design

Entertainment Design

That initial glance can grab someone's attention in an instant.  Placements, special effects, and hand illustration are just a few ways to help market your show, album or book.

Packaging Design

Packaging Design

Outside of your product line, it's always an extra fun touch to provide a unique label design to your gifting whether for clients during the holliday season or to guests attending a special event.