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Everything about your brand should speak for you when you are not in the room. 

your brand needs a


Tracey Diamond Designs Brand Identity Design

Do you have a hard time describing what you do?  

Are your marketing materials explaining it for you?  

When you look at your logo, your website & social media, your printed collateral, is your story being told and told well?  

If not, that's where I come in!

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I love working with businesses and entrepreneurs that are looking to build awareness and attract clients through their designed elements.


Your brand's focus and personality should shine through in everything that you put out into the world.


If your business cards or informational pieces don't match your website, how will potential clients know they are reaching the same company?


If your logo says nothing of what you do, and your staff apparel doesn't have that WOW factor, how will you stand out in a crowd?

Creating cohesive design to promote your business, strengthen your brand and attract new clients.

Everything about your brand should speak for you when you are not in the room. This is what I LOVE to do! As a self-taught fine artist turned graphic designer, I blend a lifetime of love for colors, textures and fonts to create unique designs that resonate with your business with the goal to grab the attention of your audience.

With 30+ years of experience in graphic design and production, 12 years of owning my own business and a lifetime as a creative, I have helped launch, rebrand and support brands such as Java Love Coffee Roasters Co., Jersey Barnfire, Fairy Tales Hair Care, Zara Phillips, Blanche Garcia Designs, Skyfactor, Montclair Bread Company, Hoboken International Film Festival, Montclair Film Festival.

As tempting as it is to go the “cheap route” with your design needs with so many platforms on the market these days, know saving some costs now will likely create a heap of extra costs later with corrections and redevelopment.  Why not do it right the first time?


“Good enough” should never be what you strive for when it comes to making your mark in the world.

Tracey Diamond Desings Testimonials

"Tracey Diamond, ahhh the word "diamond" is the perfect description. When I decided to start my own coaching practice I had the picture in my head. I have always had a very creative mind...God decided to skip the part where one can execute the vision...BUT!! that is ok because the Universe is your partner, always...and who was I introduced to...but Tracey!!

Long story short...she took my vision, my "story" my "brand" and she brought my LLc to life...with my logo and my web site. I am extremely hard to satisfy because my vision is so clear and so exact, but her one tool that is crucial is that she gets to KNOW you. Who you are, how you think, what your goals and dreams are. She gets the REAL YOU! Now that is a gift!!

And I suggest that if you want YOUR brand to stand out and not some cookie cutter version contact will not be sorry!!"

Carol Newlands, Path2Longevity

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Tracey Diamond Designs Taste of Montclair

Brand imagery is the aesthetic of your messaging.  Together the visuals make up your brand's identity.  Your imagery is your visual communication to your customers and potential customers.  It makes your business noticeable in the world.  Ask yourself, what makes you unique in a sea of others?  Think of it as the who, what, when, where, why and how of the way it is presented in the world all wrapped in one.  The colors, fonts, typography, layouts and materials should always be carefully and creatively selected so that your audience will remember you when you may not be standing in front of them in person to describe it directly. 

How you choose to display your brand is one of the most important aspects of your business in order to be successful with your mission and direction you are heading.   Together we make your message meaningful and remembered.

Are you ready to transform the look of your brand?

Looking forward to working with you!

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