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Small Businesses in the News

Tracey Diamond | February 28, 2016

I am truly grateful for all of the projects that I have been asked to be a part of.  They range so widely in needs and style but with each one I put my whole heart in to.  I wouldn't dream of anything less. 

The last few years of working with Montclair Bread Company has been a beyond words incredible journey - from small local bread spot to adding in a weekend doughnut day to that becoming and EVERY day to winning the Doughnut Showdown to creating a local 4K then an explosive 5K race to expanding into 3 locations and beyond - all with fun projects to keep the brand building and strong.

Earlier this month, we all had the highlight that made us all take a deep happy pause breath, step back and see how far this has all come.  I could go on with words but I am going to simply post the incredible article that the New York Times wrote on this Montclair gem.

Talk about a Super Bowl Sunday event!  The line to get in to the Walnut street location was insane and it just kept getting better.  The following day, we all watched at how Instagram lit up with a simple post actress/comedian Mindy Kaling put on her account talking about how after reading the article and seeing her favorites, jelly doughnuts, she just had to have some of these doughnuts - having them overnighted to her!  How great to see that.

And from there.....People Magazine picked it up!!! 

So many projects over the years and ways we are working the branding of bringing the old into the new and creating some off-shoots along the's been a total blast!  Cards, menus, posters, banner, shirts (one of which is in the NY Times article), onesies, beanies, trucker hats (in the Instagram/People Magazine post), stickers, magnets, mugs, travel mugs, koozies, cotton bread bags,......the list goes on. 

We ALWAYS have our thinking caps I am typing I have a huge smile on my face thinking about the next designs and events we have coming down the road.  From what Rachel is dreaming up for her next menu's treats to what marketing materials and the apparel I'll be putting together for you to enjoy as well.  It makes us all so happy that people are enjoying this with us and now traveling from all over to stop by Montclair Bread Company.  It has been such a sweet ride with so much more to come!

* Please visit my Facebook Page, Instagram, and Twitter for more projects posted and to see those coming down the line.



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