A Little About Me...

I am a fine artist at heart who looks at the world in

shapes, colors and textures.

So when working on a project, no matter what the size, I approach each design with its own uniqueness that, most importantly, draws upon what inspires the people or the business behind it.


Whether asked to produce a final product in electronic or printed form, the areas of final design widely vary, including logos, business cards, brochures, postcards, announcements, banners, stickers/labels, menus, apparel, promotional items and more. Think of Tracey Diamond Designs as your solution to building and supporting your brand or event, from concept to design to print.

Kind Words From Clients

"Tracey Diamond, ahhh the word "diamond" is the perfect description. When I decided to start my own coaching practice I had the picture in my head. I have always had a very creative mind...God decided to skip the part where one can execute the vision...BUT!! that is ok because the Universe is your partner, always...and who was I introduced to...but Tracey!!

Long story short...she took my vision, my "story" my "brand" and she brought my LLc to life...with my logo and my web site. I am extremely hard to satisfy because my vision is so clear and so exact, but her one tool that is crucial is that she gets to KNOW you. Who you are, how you think, what your goals and dreams are. She gets the REAL YOU! Now that is a gift!!

And I suggest that if you want YOUR brand to stand out and not some cookie cutter version contact her...you will not be sorry!!"

- Carol Newlands, Path2Longevity

"Furriends Friday! So many people to thank but here's one of our favorites: Tracey Diamond/Tracey Diamond Designs has been an avid supporter from the beginning of saving lives and helping people keep their pets. So many people to thank but your continued enthusiasm and creativity helps us promote awareness for early spay neuter! Everyone should have a talented pawtner like Tracey!"

- CPAWNJ - Communities Promoting Animal Welfare NJ

"Working with Tracey has been fantastic. Her attention to detail and uncanny ability to translate my crazy ideas into amazing marketing materials is awesome. I have "0" artistic ability whatsoever, however I'm able to imagine what I want to project. Tracey's greatest talent is refining these ideas and making sure they all coincide with my brand and message. She takes the time to understand who I am and what is relevant to my profession. Thank you for everything can't wait to see the results of our next project currently in the works!!"

- Donald Anfuso, Homeland Lending LLC

"Tracey is fantastic. Nuff said. Thanks for being so creative and so amazing!"

- Jeff Matta, Hudson Horizons

"I was referred to Tracey by a friend and could not be happier! Not only is she amazing at design, but she is so kind and patient as well. Tracey designed a banner for my company that I have used at countless events (indoor and outdoor). It is beautiul, eye catching, and extremely sturdy. I've gotten so many compliments - thanks Tracey!!!!"

- Luciana Contuzzi, Zest

"Tracey is awesome at what she does! She is extremely creative coming up with concepts based on information you provide and can make something so simple as letterhead look amazing. I highly recommend her!!!"

- Jackie Klein, Jackie Klein Nutrition

"Tracey made awesome magnets for my clients. They turned out perfect."

- Keith Ehrich, Ehrich Consulting

"Tracey is a unique graphic designer. She thinks outside the box and really enjoys her work. When I needed some professional flyers made in a day, she came through with flying colors. You can't go wrong with her."

- Aaron Ross, Ross Backup

"Tracey's turnaround time is great and the end result is phenomenal!"

- Julie Steirn

"It's been so fun to work with Tracey for The Little Daisy Bake Shop! She's done designs for ads, signage, aprons, t-shirts, stickers and more all within the last year. Tracey is creative, responsive and able to reign in my ideas and make them doable tasks. I love it when I see her walk through the door with a box in her hands and we open it up to see our ideas and her designs come to life. Thank you Tracey!"

- Jennifer Snyder, The Little Daisy Bake Shop

Creating cohesive design to promote your business, strengthen your brand and attract new clients.

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