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Drawing from the Mind's Eye

Tracey Diamond | February 27, 2016

I’ve always loved to draw – mind you it isn’t the kind of thing I would always SHOW people, but there is something truly peaceful about letting your mind go and create whatever comes to you. 

I remember as a kid being so excited when the new issue of the TV Guide would come out and scurrying through the pages to find that golden ticket moment of the newest illustration the art school ad had published to see if you have what it takes to get into their school.  For someone who struggles with recreating the human face, it was torture, but I worked hard at it until I got it just right, sitting on the couch zoning everything else around me out.  It’s a memory that still makes me smile.  And don’t even get me started about school books covered in brown paper bags… mine!

Jump ahead, all of these years later, and I still love to draw.  When people ask what I do for a living, I tend to say, in some form or another, that I am a graphic designer with a fine arts background – and then continue with the areas of work I provide for clients.  It’s the fine arts side that people ask me about a lot, wondering what projects of mine they may know of or have seen.  Some of those jobs have been more on the local scene while others have spread far and wide.  So I thought that while I sit here and am getting ready to start my next fine arts project, I would  pull some out and share a few from over the years with you.

I hope you enjoy  :)

One of the greatest moments in my life - being asked to be the illustrator for the new Jay Blakesberg book, Hippie Chick!  Countless hours & lots of sketching with music filling the air.  Total dream come true for this Deadhead to work with the person whose photos inspire me.

This is one of those times when all of those doodles on napkins taped into my journals came together with the need for an illustration for the Randolph, Vermont New World Music Festival. 

Thus - the Celtic Tree.

©2008 Tracey Diamond

Ok, so confession - this is my drawing need turned computer illustration in effect.  Hey, the mouse is just a rounded fat pen....sortof.  BUT, I did really enjoy playing with his hair to get it just right!

©2015 Tracey Diamond

A design I created to be tattoo in honor of marking 1 year of becoming Vegan -  blending of the widely known vegan "V" with the profile of a pig in the leaf. 

©2015 Tracey Diamond

Another design I created to be a tattoo, but this time as a memorial to a pet's passing - illustrating his profile and incorporating it into the whitespace of the C in compassion.

©2015 Tracey Diamond

These little characters have been found hanging around other projects with the Montclair Bread Company - like the ever growingly popular Doughnut Runs....

Where have you seen them?

©2014 - 2017 Tracey Diamond

This project was a lot of fun - shoe illustration, a first for me.  Had a table full of shoes and images to work off of and it was nothing but pencil, drawing pads of hours and hours.

©2014 Tracey Diamond

This project has gone in many directions, but to be asked by the incredible Janice Wolfe of Merlin's Kids to illustrate the wonderful Wyatt was a true honor and pleasure.

©2013 Tracey Diamond

When I was approached to create an illustration that would put to image an event for the Girl Scouts about being out in nature, dancing, artwork, crafts, music the first thing that came to mind was girls formed in the branches of trees dancing in the sun.  They loved it!

©2015 Tracey Diamond

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