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  • Tracey Diamond

Caricatures for Work and Play

~Tracey Diamond | May 25, 2022 | LinkedIn

Here's a fun kinda project I recently completed for a 50th Birthday celebration! "Anna the Planna" loves to do her research with all the devices going 👩‍💻📱

I don't get requests on caricatures quite often and was reminded how incredibly fun they are! Thinking it's time to start talking these up again...

Check out another I created for a photographer a while back - it's in the Additional Examples of the Branding/Projects page of my website

So, what do you think? Looking to add some extra fun to your brand, your business, for a gift or holiday card? Let's chat!

* Please visit my Facebook Page, Instagram, and Twitter for more projects posted and to see those coming down the line.



branding - pattern design - artwork

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