Surface & Brand Pattern Design

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After 25+ years of building a career as a graphic designer, and a lifetime of doodling on anything I could get my hands on, I am so excited to share that I have brought the two together and developed a new area of my business - Surface Design! 


Currently I have my first shop on Society6, with others in the works to be announced soon.  Here you will find both beautiful and whimsical fabrics and prints to select from.  More artwork will be continuously be made available so please make sure to both follow my shop accounts directly and on Instagram to be kept updated!

Shop today at
Tracey Diamond Designs purple butterfly
Tracey Diamond Designs purple butterfly
Tracey Diamond Designs purple butterfly

Would you like to collaborate?

I'd love to too! 

  • I'm available for commissions and licensing projects. 

  • Would you like custom patterns for your business, your brand?  I'd love to design the perfect art to share your personality and mission with the world. 


Let's talk and start drawing!  Please contact me here. 

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