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Pattern Designs to Support your Business

~Tracey Diamond | July 8, 2022 | LinkedIn

When I decided to become a graphic designer, it came out of my world as a doodler and artist. Give me a pen or a brush and a space to play, and I was in a whole new world of fun. This all started pre-personal computer time... before the adorable shoebox looking mac came out to the universe and changed everything.

So here we are years later, I have my own business as a graphic designer supporting brands (some personal projects pop in here and there for clients too), and I am growing a new area of my business combining my artwork into both graphic design and pattern making projects.

You can imagine how excited I was to see a post of one of my patterns that made its way to a law office to brighten up a laptop cover! Full disclosure, I have known Jeralyn for a long time, and knowing she's enjoying this new area of my business as well just gives me all the smiles on so many levels 😊

If you could have a pattern personalized for yourself or your business, what would it be?

Enjoy Jeralyn! And congratulatioms on all of your success and thank you so much for including my artwork in your post.


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Our Founder, Jeralyn Lawrence, was featured in NJ Family Magazine's Mompreneur, Women in Business issue. Jeralyn answers numerous questions about her business including what inspired her to open her own business.

What inspired you to start your business?

After more than twenty years as an attorney working for someone else, I knew I needed to control my own destiny and financial future to be truly happy and secure.

What sets your business and brand apart?

We are a divorce and family law firm whose team has been together for many years. We work very hard to strategize with our clients and meet their goals.

What was your proudest/happiest moment as a business owner?

After all the design, decisions, details and dilemmas, we had a ribbon cutting ceremony and everything became real. Watching my children watch me open up the firm was very special.

* Please visit my Facebook Page, Instagram, and Twitter for more projects posted and to see those coming down the line.



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