Fine Arts & Illustrations

Art is the expression of emotion...

Fine Art currently

on display at

Cedar Beans Coffee Joint (Cedar Grove)!

April 2020 show is still on display extended

due to Covid closings.

Stop by and peek in while enjoying drinks

and treats outside.

Helping Barn Sanctuary!

The sanctuary's first online auction ran from

July 16th (6 pm) - July 23rd (9 pm), 2020.

There were tons of items from artists, businesses, and the sanctuary themselves - all to help raise money for the animals! 

To view the 7 custom pieces I have donated, click here

To donate to the sanctuary directly today, click here.

Tracey Diamond Designs
Sharpies on Canvas
New World Festival Logo, 2008
Hand Illustrated
Hippie Chick: Jay Blakesberg
Book Illustration
Jerry Garcia Illustration
Hand Illustration
Glen Ridge Girl Scouts
2015 Camporee Theme
Skyfactor - The Bitter End
Show Posters: 2015,2016
Nutley Chamber of Commerce
5K Fun Run T-shirt Design
Save Us Bernie - Bernie Sanders
Election Shirt Art
From Shelter Dog 2 Service Dog
Logo Illustration
KidShoeology Logo
Shoe Illustration
Profession Caricature
Photographer's Image
Montclair Bread Co
Doughnut Characters
Tattoo Design
Vegan for the Animals
Tattoo Design
Purple Asters - Original
Acrylic on Canvas
Fall Hike -Original
Acrylic on Canvas
Arms to the Sky,Dancing - Original
Acrylic on Canvas
Vermont Fall -Original
Acrylic on Canvas
View Through the Trees - Original
Acrylic on Canvas
The Hobbit - Backdrop Painting
2nd Tree from Right
The King and I - Set Design
Chandler Music Hall

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