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Fine Arts & Illustrations

Art is the expression of emotion...

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Tracey Diamond Designs
Sharpies on Canvas
New World Festival Logo, 2008
Hand Illustrated
Hippie Chick: Jay Blakesberg
Book Illustration
Jerry Garcia Illustration
Hand Illustration
Skyfactor - The Bitter End
Show Posters: 2015,2016
Glen Ridge Girl Scouts
2015 Camporee Theme
Nutley Chamber of Commerce
5K Fun Run T-shirt Design
Save Us Bernie - Bernie Sanders
Election Shirt Art
From Shelter Dog 2 Service Dog
Logo Illustration
KidShoeology Logo
Shoe Illustration
Profession Caricature
Photographer's Image
Montclair Bread Co
Doughnut Characters
Tattoo Design
Vegan for the Animals
Tattoo Design
Purple Asters - Original
Acrylic on Canvas
Fall Hike -Original
Acrylic on Canvas
Arms to the Sky,Dancing - Original
Acrylic on Canvas
Vermont Fall -Original
Acrylic on Canvas
View Through the Trees - Original
Acrylic on Canvas
The Hobbit - Backdrop Painting
2nd Tree from Right
The King and I - Set Design
Chandler Music Hall